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1. How much do these Horse Trailers cost?  The full line of Equi-trek Trailers can be ordered from us – at L & D Trailers & Horseboxes. 
The starting prices for the smallest Apollo starts a $19,999. to the Night Treka at $32,999.. All trailers are bumper pull and are 2-horse models but a few are for 3 horses.
The Space Treka III or the Multi Treka or can carry 3- horses slant herringbone, noses towards rear. Space Treka III $31,999 to Multi Treka $TBD. 
All trailer prices include shipping from the factory in England to US ports. We ship into East and West Coast and Galveston TX in the Gulf of Mexico. We would love to give you a direct quote on the model/s you are most interested in. 
The custom/import fees of $2000 are added into these trailer prices !
And would be shipped  to the nearest US port for  you!
2. Why are the wheels & tires so small? 
The Horse trailers have been engineered and designed to ride on the 2 or 3 axle chassis with great balance and the weight distribution for the horses weight and also the weight of the side ramp over the axles. The low profile tires give a smooth, stable ride. These tires have been used on trailers all over the world for over 15 years!!
3. How much tongue weight is on the hitch?
The horse trailers have the horses’ weight riding over the axels and are designed so there is only a maximum 330 lbs. tongue weight on the hitch end.
4. How much do these horse trailers weigh?
The horse trailer series goes from the smallest Apollo at 1800 lbs. to the largest Space Treka III at 3,300 lb.. Please check your vehicle tow package to see what you can safely tow.
5. What’s it made out of?
What are the horse trailers made of? The trailers are built on a galvanized steel frame with aluminum tongue and groove floorboards. The horse area has rubber matting & the walls are a composite material- very strong ! There is the fiberglass roof and front cowling that gives the aero dynamic look!!
There are no wood products in the Apollo, Day or Night Treka !!
And soon Multi and Star Treka !!!
Our newest horse trailers – Day Treka and Night Treka and our Horseboxes are made of a new light weight composite material… so final weights on these products are less -while being very strong.
 6. Where do I put the hay in the trailers and Night Treka – the living area trailers.
The models with Living Areas & tack lockers take up the front and rear. We recommend zippered hay bags for bales or compressed hay to take along and loading in the horse area or place in your tow vehicle. Exterior framework for hay can be added to the trailers – please don’t attach directly to the formed fiberglass roof or put weight directly on the roof. Day Treka has large tack room and 3 ft. door to tack room. Space Treka III has large tack areas near the hitch end with room for hay.
7. Do Warmblood horses fit? 
YES – The horse trailers have a wonderful open interior – full height in horse area of 7’6”. You will see large Warmbloods inside and unloading in many photos of the trailers. Recommended to accommodate horses up to 17’3”
Our newest horse trailers – Day Treka and Night Treka- have a full height of 7 ft 9 inches in the horse area.— so look at those for your Warmblood to travel in!! 
8. What kind of braking system? What kind of suspension system?
The Trailers have a Surge/mechanical brakes on all wheels. Also there is a hand brake up front – to pull when stopped or parked. They are designed with all wheel independent suspension giving a very smooth and balanced ride for your horses!
9. Is there a water tank available?
YES –an option in the trailers. Fits in the chassis frame with fill on outside of trailers. Water tank can also be added to a VISION – Small Horsebox- along with a Horse Shower.
10. How does the Stall Divider work?                                                                   
The divider is hinged at the butt end where horses stand. It can be adjusted in the center of the trailer stall width or moved to accommodate 1 large & 1 small horse or you can remove for 1 horse or a mare & foal. In the 3 horse slant trailers – Multi Treka, Carriage Treka & Space Treka III, there is the same hinge/pin at butt end to adjust width or remove. The front of all dividers has a pin that drops into the breast bar to secure. Very versatile for your horses and your needs.
11. Do you have 3- horse trailers by Equi-trek?
 YES – we can order you a great Multi-treka or Space Treka III. They have a rear load on the patented ramp system and the horse turns and faces Backward at a slant!! Please see floorplan in brochure.
12. How do I custom order my trailer? How long does it take to get my custom made trailer?
 Your custom ordered & factory built trailer can often be built in 6-10 weeks. Upon your initial order, we will check the production schedule and give tentative build date. 
We request deposit-which is non -refundable after 3 days and when chassis number- VIN number is given and build order approved, then we have your trailer being built. The shipping date is given. We will notify you and make plans to pick up or have you pick up.
Other ground shipping can be arranged from port to you.
When your trailer arrives we request full payment, and we release it so you can have your Title / MCO and paperwork for registration. We are DMV dealer and can handle this in Oregon. If you use Highlands Financials Inc. or other financing partners for financing, they can also do the paperwork for you in your state. Otherwise , you will take to your state DMV for plates and registration. At times, if needed, we can give a trip permit for you and your horse trailer – good for 10 days so you have time to register your trailer or horsebox. Insurance is required when you pick up and when register.

Please let us know in your inquiry emails where you live – so we can quote you the best price for the Trailer you will love!! You can also call us at: 541-806-6333.
13. Can you ship these horse trailers into Canada?
We are very pleased to bring Equi-trek trailers here to the US. We are not familiar with the import process into Canada but would work with you to provide any paper work necessary for Canada. We ship into the Port of Tacoma in West Coast or Port of Newark on East Coast. We can arrange transport/pick up from there, if you need.
14. Can SUV’s / Small SUV’s pull these trailers?
YES- Since the trailers are light weight and some horses and ponies make a lighter load, there are many small SUVs that have a tow capacity to pull the trailers loaded with your horses. We recommend reviewing your vehicle tow package and look at the Apollo and Day Treka.
There are not many pickups in England & Europe, so they are experienced in designing and engineering only bumper pull trailers for horse hauling.
15. Do you offer Payment plans?
NO – BUT we do partner with Highland Financials Inc. for our Trailers. They are experienced and well known for financing of Horse trailers & LQ horse trailers in the horse industry. Please look up on our homepage –
All Inquiries and personal info stay with them. They will quote interest rates and payments to you.
We also have another source for commercial business purchase or leasing of the VISION- Small horsebox or the Large Horsebox- 50% Business use !!!
Highway Commercial
We would be glad to work with your lender of choice for any of our horse transports !!! 
Thank you for visiting us!
We look forward to helping
you find the right trailer.

Lynn & Dan Roberge
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